Saint Anna’s Residence & Wellness Center at Lambeth House

When it was time for Lambeth House to expand their facilities and build the new Saint Anna’s Residence and Wellness Center, they turned to the trusted team at Woodward Design+Build to turn their vision into reality.

Woodward Design+Build acted as the general contractor on the new 60,000 SF facility, which consists of units for 56 residents, an indoor saltwater pool, 2 nurse stations, 4 community dining rooms, a full commercial kitchen, a café, a chapel, an arts and crafts room as well as a spa, meditation room, massage room, fitness center, locker room and activity room.

The location of the project site in relation to the Mississippi River presented challenges, such as significant excavation restrictions, that the Woodward team had to overcome. Completing the new addition of Saint Anna’s Residence and Wellness Center within the existing, operational Lambeth House complex presented challenges as well. Great care was taken to prevent disruptions to the current residents of Lambeth House. During the renovation of the Alzheimer’s and Nursing Care units, all of the residents were moved back into their rooms every evening to ensure consistency in their living environment and continuation of care.

The project was scheduled to complete in October 2013, but Woodward turned certain areas of the facility over to the owner as they were finished. Lambeth House was able to occupy the 2nd and 3rd floors of the building in July 2013, allowing residents to move into the units 4 months early. In August 2013, the natatorium and first floor wellness center were completed early as well.

Completion of the holistic residential and wellness center offers seniors more than just apartments, improving the quality of life for residents through community spaces like the saltwater lap pool, crafts room, massage room and more. It is an expansion that improves the ability of Lambeth House to provide assisted living services for seniors.

Project Information

  • Category
    Senior Living Facility Construction
  • Owner
    Lambeth House
  • Design
    Waggonner & Ball Architects
  • Size
    60,000 Square Feet
  • Budget
  • Location
    New Orleans, LA
  • Completion
    October 2013

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