Private Residence

Woodward Design+Build completed this custom residential home in November 2007. The home is a 5,200 square foot showcase of custom workmanship. The project featured items such as a custom storefront and curtain wall at all openings, custom steel railings, custom millwork, intricate stone work, an elevator and custom wood flooring. This house has almost no 90 degree corners, requiring that an isometric study be performed on the roof to see if it could even be built.

Of many words of praise offered by the owner, his final comment was, “Thank you.” It was a huge effort at a very trying time. This is one example of the great work that has been done by Woodward’s Residential Division since its creation after Katrina. The division has also provided a valuable service of putting some of Woodward’s best customers back into their homes.

Project Information

  • Category
    Special Construction Projects
  • Owner
    Private Residence
  • Design
    Trapolin Architects
  • Size
    5200 Square Feet
  • Budget
    $1.3 Million
  • Completion
    November 2007

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