OPCSO Warehouse, Food Facility and Central Plant

The newest building for the Orleans Parish Criminal Sheriff’s Office is an impressive structure that features a central plant, food facilities and warehousing. Woodward Design+Build served as the general contractor on this project, which will support several current and planned inmate housing facilities at Orleans Parish Prison.

The building has 3 main floors, but at 100 feet tall, it is actually the height of a 9 story building. The 1st floor is dedicated to warehouse space, the 2nd floor houses food services and all kitchen equipment and the 3rd floor is reserved for all central plant equipment. The location of food services, kitchen equipment and central plant equipment on the upper floors is a strategic element in the building’s design, protecting critical functions from any possible flooding in the area.

The facility also boasts of powerful capabilities. The Central Plant is capable of producing 8 mega-watts of emergency power generation and has over 6,500 tons of cooling capacity. The warehouse has over 1 mile of shelving. The kitchen can prepare 25,000 meals in a 12-14 hour period and can maintain the prepared meals in its freezers for 45 days. These impressive numbers are just one demonstration of the scale of this massive project and the support it will provide to the OPCSO.

Project Information

  • Category
    Military & Government Facility Construction
  • Owner
    Orleans Parish Criminal Sheriff's Office
  • Design
    Sizeler Thompson Brown Architects with Grace & Hebert Architects
  • Size
    163,885 Square Feet
  • Budget
  • Location
    New Orleans, LA
  • Completion
    September 2013

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