New Directions by Compass Furniture

In 2005, Compass Furniture, a staple in the New Orleans area for over 30 years, opened a new store, New Directions by Compass Furniture. The concept was a new store to showcase more contemporary pieces that were lightweight, colorful, functional and less expensive, targeted to young professionals.

Built adjacent to the main store, the New Directions utilizes 20,000 square feet of previously unused warehouse space. A unique feature of the building is the 18 ft. high ceilings. Normal fluorescent lighting would not offer the proper illumination; therefore, 450 track lights were added at a height of 12 feet.

The size of the building and the fact that there were only six permanent walls also presented a challenge for creating vignettes (model room areas displaying furniture). The remaining walls were comprised of 7’ x 7’ partition walls on wheels. Each can be moved into position to accommodate different size displays throughout the showroom.

Woodward has also completed Compass for Kids for Compass Furniture.

Project Information

  • Category
    Retail Center Construction
  • Owner
    Lou and Billy Rippner
  • Design
    Connie Post Design Team and Woodward Design Group (John Dalton, AIA)
  • Size
    20,000 Square Feet
  • Budget
  • Location
    Jefferson, LA
  • Completion
    September 2005

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