This is not Woodward's new headquarters

Our commitment to excellence will never change. But our address has.

In October 2011, Woodward Design+Build officially moved into its new headquarters at 1000 S. Jefferson Davis Parkway. Our new home was designed and built by the Woodward team. Below we proudly highlight some of the ways we think the innovation and expertise our people put into the job will benefit Woodward, our clients and our neighborhood.

New Orleans, Our Home

Woodward traces its New Orleans roots to 1923, and we’re still located in the center of the city. In fact, our new address at 1000 South Jefferson Davis Parkway is just around the corner from our previous home. But this new headquarters is a much different place, one that reflects the spirit of innovation driving our people and the future of our company.

This building represents a lot of the values we have as a company. It’s a practical, efficient response to our needs as Woodward grows, and it also showcases our innovation and the design build approach we offer to clients. This time, however, the client was Woodward itself.

Erik Wismar

Senior Architect

Focusing on Sustainability

Woodward is a regional leader in sustainable building, so it’s fitting that our new headquarters has been carefully crafted with a goal of attaining LEED Silver Certification. Solar panels on the building’s roof help supply its energy needs and actually send surplus energy back into the grid. Even the building’s orientation to the street was designed to provide plenty of natural light in workspaces while simultaneously minimizing the full impact of the hot midday sun.

The new building offers both a unique and beautiful place to work… and the views of the New Orleans skyline are fantastic.

Rob Norton

Marketing Manager

Building for Teams that Work

Collaboration is at the heart of the design build advantage Woodward offers our clients. Now, this approach is an integral part of our building. For instance, the third floor of the new headquarters is where you’ll find our architectural design, engineering and estimating groups. This means all preconstruction services are now clustered together to enhance their close working relationships. The fundamentals of teamwork and innovation are built right into the foundation of our new home.

Every aspect of the headquarters shows clients what we can deliver for them. It’s like a giant case study and demonstration project of the latest advances and techniques in our field, and it shows that Woodward believes in these approaches enough to invest in them for our own company and use them ourselves everyday.

Chris Michel

Project Executive

Investing in Our People

Woodward people make the company what it is, so Woodward people had a strong voice in the form and functionality of the building where they now work. Designers consulted with each area of the company that will use the headquarters and worked this feedback into the finished product. The result is an employee-friendly workspace with plenty of natural light, a rooftop patio for a breath of fresh air, plenty of space for meetings and collaboration and ground-floor retail space to bring new business into our neighborhood.

Our company has always been based in New Orleans, and our new headquarters is a major investment and a statement that Woodward is here to stay. The track record we’ve built over the generations is a testament to our commitment to the New Orleans area, and we’re proud that with our new headquarters we now have a true showcase for the Woodward name.

Ken Flower

Preconstruction | Design | Engineering

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