Tulane University - Hurricane Restorations

Immediately after Hurricane Katrina devastated Tulane University’s Uptown Campus with wind and flood waters up to 5 feet, Tulane officials contacted Woodward Design+Build to become their rebuild construction partner. Woodward moved executives, managers, accountants, and administrative staff to Tulane University’s campus to handle a very accelerated rebuild process. The task was to rebuild the school so that it could begin holding classes and housing students on the campus in a 3 month period. Woodward had to complete work in over 80 buildings, on multiple floors, working as many as 30 at one time, and completing over $25,000,000 of work in a 3 month period. There was no room for error in planning, coordination, or quality.

Woodward was immediately able to grasp the coordination requirements for a job of this size and speed. The system set in place allowed the project to be completed on time, with great quality, and with no safety incidents.

The work included complete renovations of many dormitories, classroom buildings, multi-purpose facilities and smaller houses used as offices nearby the campus. Woodward worked with multiple Subcontractors in each division to ensure that there were no bottlenecks in the work and that a competitive spirit always existed. Woodward handled close coordination with the university’s selected mold remediation contractor.

The end result was that Tulane University successfully reopened their campus in January, 2006. Woodward Design+Build has strengthened their relationship with Tulane and earned more respect at a higher level for what was completed in the post-disaster months.

Other projects at Tulane University include the Environmental Science Building, Turchin Stadium, Weatherhead Hall, the Primate Research Center Nursery Building, Flower Hall and the forthcoming Yulman Football Stadium.

…thank you for all of the hard work putting Tulane back together again, so that we could reopen this spring. We could not have done it without the skilled dedication of your workers and firm…”

Yvette M. Jones Chief Operating Officer

Project Information

  • Category
    Educational Facility Construction
    Historic Restoration Projects
  • Owner
    Tulane University
  • Budget
  • Completion
    January 2006

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