St. George’s Episcopal School

The renovation of St. George’s Episcopal School began in January, 2004 with extensive demolition in the interior of the classroom building, foyer and front stair. The demolition left the facade in place for the addition of a new stairwell, restrooms, and a corridor connecting the front of the building with the classrooms in the rear. Steel beams were installed to shore the second floor and roof before the installation of finishes could commence.

Six classrooms and support areas were built out. The existing auditorium was refurbished and fitted with sound and theater lighting equipment. The auditorium incorporates many higher end finishes such as wainscoting and state of the art innovative lighting, both decorative and functional. Due to the architectural layout of the building, the HVAC system design required thirteen air handling units, which is unusual for a building of this size. Due to the extensive ductwork routing, limited attic space, and structural conflicts, the ductwork and sprinkler piping is exposed to view. While the building incorporates theatrical lighting, task lighting and the latest in computer technology, the ambiance and personality of this historic building has been maintained. Woodward Design+Build and the Architects met a tough schedule to complete the project for the opening of the 2004 Fall Semester.

Project Information

  • Category
    Educational Facility Construction
  • Owner
    St. George's Episcopal School
  • Design
    Waggonner & Ball
  • Size
    20,194 Square Feet
  • Location
    New Orleans, LA
  • Completion
    August 2004

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