South Plaquemines Faculty Housing

South Plaquemines Faculty Housing

Woodward Design+Build was charged with the construction of a new faculty housing facility, assisting the Plaquemines Parish School Board in its massive post-Katrina rebuilding task. South Plaquemines Faculty Housing is a FEMA funded replacement of existing faculty housing that was devastated by the storm surge from Hurricane Katrina. Located on the former site of Buras High School, the new construction consists of 32 apartments situated in 8 separate buildings. The buildings are connected by an elevated walkway system, creating a community of housing for South Plaquemines High School teachers.

Solid measures were taken to create a housing complex that will serve Plaquemines Parish for years to come. The structures are built on elevated slabs that stand 16 feet high, designed to protect against potential flooding. The entire buildings are rated to withstand storm winds of up to 150 mph.

South Plaquemines Faculty Housing is a marker of progress for the community, restoring normalcy with the construction of new permanent facilities. The 32-unit housing complex will serve as an incentive to attract well qualified instructors to South Plaquemines High School, promising a bright future and a path forward for Plaquemines Parish.

Project Information

  • Category
    Multi-Family Housing Construction
  • Owner
    Plaquemines Parish School Board
  • Design
    Verges Rome Architects
  • Size
    47,552 Square Feet
  • Budget
  • Location
    Buras, LA
  • Completion
    May 2012

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