Louisiana Superdome Renovations

Louisiana Superdome Renovations

A New Orleans landmark for over 25 years, the Louisiana Superdome welcomed Woodward Design+Build to be part of the upgrade team for the next quarter century.

Seating: The original high level 35,000 seats were functional plastic, but their replacement time had come. All of the seats were located from 80 to 180 feet above the ground. This meant that at 24 pounds each, we had to handle over 1,600,000 pounds of seats and hardware, all by manual labor. As this was not an identical one-for-one replacement, extensive time had to be devoted six months before the work started to ensure that the new seating configuration would match the seating manifest from which tickets were printed.

Gate A-A6: Woodward’s design and construction team gave all patrons full vertical transportation to their seats, with 8 new escalators, 4 extended elevators and 4 new elevators. Two new mid-level concourses, complete with additional restrooms and food services, were constructed between the existing seats and the skin of the building. Construction of these two concourses involved new major structural numbers, decking and complete overlay with concrete, all over 120 feet above the playing field. Completing the upgrade was a new Main Entrance featuring granite, glass block, mirrors, and box offices.

4-Corners: The challenge was for the Collegiate Final Four Championship. The Dome needed more close to the action seating. Woodward Design+Build conceived and built 24 seating stands, which could be folded and moved, and then expanded to provide over 3,000 additional seats away from the basketball court.

Woodward Design+Build’s management of the work was exemplary. With their careful planning and scheduling effort along with the team work of all subcontractors, the project was completed in a timely manner. Safety was always the number one concern, leading to a excellent safety record…

—Tom Benson, Owner

Project Information

  • Category
    Recreational & Sports Facility Construction
  • Owner
    State of Louisiana
  • Design
    Case Design Group
  • Size
    40,000 Square Feet
  • Budget
    Combined: $20,900,000
  • Location
    New Orleans, LA
  • Completion
    December 1995, March 1996, December 1996

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