Filmore Parc

Woodward Design+Build constructed this new apartment development in the Gentilly neighborhood of New Orleans, Louisiana. Filmore Parc features 21 four-plex units and 10 eight-plex units with a total of 164 apartments. The project area spans 3 city blocks.

This project is the largest modular housing project in the City of New Orleans. The buildings were fabricated in a factory off site and were then delivered to the project site about 90% complete. The typical house arrived from the factory with 95% of the flooring and sheetrock in place. Once installed, plumbing connections, electrical connections, sprinkler connections, minor sheetrock work, painting, and minor floor work was performed. Arriving as separate boxes, the multiplex homes were connected together on site.

Project Information

  • Category
    Multi-Family Housing Construction
  • Owner
    MFLC Partners, ALPIC
  • Design
    Gaudet and Tolson
  • Size
    144,300 Square Feet
  • Budget
  • Location
    New Orleans, LA
  • Completion
    October 2009

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