Federal City Auditorium

Woodward was chosen as the design builder for a new 400 seat auditorium at the growing Federal City campus in Algiers, where Woodward had previously completed the Marine Corps Support Facility and Federal City Parking Garage. Serving both the military and the general public, the auditorium was built to serve as a multi-purpose meeting space as well as a venue for musical performances.

Two types of acoustic wall panels absorb and diffuse sound throughout the auditorium and STC rated doors help control sound in key locations. A dimmable lighting system throughout the auditorium allows for adjustable lighting to accommodate a wide variety of meetings and presentations, and an A/V system, including stage lighting, was installed for when the auditorium hosts performances. To maximize the flexibility of the space, an STC rated operable partition was installed so that the room can accommodate two simultaneous gatherings without any disruptions from sounds. The A/V system can display two separate presentations for when the space is separated for multiple uses.

Additionally, the auditorium includes many sustainable features and was awarded LEED Silver Certification by the United States Green Building Council.

Project Information

  • Category
    Recreational & Sports Facility Construction
  • Owner
  • Design
    Mathes Brierre Architects
  • Size
    10,000 Square Feet
  • Budget
  • Location
    New Orleans, LA
  • Completion
    June 2012

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