Energy Centre Parking Garage

Energy Centre Parking Garage

Located at 600 Loyola Avenue, the Energy Centre Parking Garage was a project completed in two phases. The first phase included the demolition of several existing buildings and parking lots. The second phase was the construction of a four level (155,000 square foot) structure.

The project began in May, 2001, and continued until August, 2002. In order to save time, the design team of Eskew+Dumez+Ripple, along with Woodward Design+Build’s input, decided to construct the garage utilizing a pre-cast concrete structure. This proved to be very conducive to the schedule and site conditions.

The garage is wrapped with architectural pre-cast concrete with a decorative trellis at the ground level. The garage has 461 new parking spaces and an area on the ground level for future retail space facing Lafayette Mall Street, which runs between the existing building and the new garage.

Project Information

  • Category
    Parking Garage Construction
  • Owner
    Shorenstein Realty
  • Design
  • Size
    155,000 Square Feet
  • Budget
  • Location
    New Orleans, LA
  • Completion
    August 2002

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