NOPSI Building Renovation GMP Bid Invitation

5 November 2015

Bid Due Date: Friday, November 20, 2015 2:00 PM CT
Project Location: 317 Baronne Street, New Orleans, LA 70112

Project consists of the renovation of the NOPSI and Dryades Buildings, and new construction of the Gold Building with an estimated area of 199,000 SF. Project will include 217 guestrooms, main lobby, ballroom, meeting rooms, bar and restaurant, pool and open deck at the ninth floor.

The Permit Set plans and specifications have been posted to the plan room. We plan to establish a GMP budget and choose subcontractors in the major trades based on this round of bidding.

Fax all bids to (504) 620-9089 or email to

DISADVANTAGED BUSINESS ENTERPRISE (DBE): This project includes a 35% DBE participation goal. Please identify if you are DBE/SLDBE certified and the certifying agency on your bid. If you are neither you are required to seek a minimum 35% DBE particpation in your bid. If inlcuded in your bid please identify the vendors or sub-subcontractors, and the percentage of your bid composed of these enterprises.

• Please review the documents stored on iSqFt and Please direct your questions to or fax to 504-620-9089.

• Bob Lipscomb will assist subcontractors in the following areas: Site Improvements, Piling, Hardscape, sidewalks and pavers, concrete work, masonry, roofing, and CZO water management system. Contact Info: or (504) 826-1163

• Meghan Smith will assist subcontractors in the following areas: Doors and Hardware, Skylights, Miscellaneous specialties, Signage, Toilet Accessories, Linen Duct, and Furnishings. (Include here contact number). Contact Info: or (504) 826-1175

• Greg Collins will assist subcontractors in the following areas: Structural Steel, Miscellaneous Steel, Stairs and Railings, Fire Protection, Mechanical, and Electrical. (Include here contact number). Contact Info: or (504) 620-4357

• Ivan Baptista will assist subcontractors in the following areas: Waterproofing, and Damproofing, Caulking and Sealants, Pre formed siding, Glazing and Storefronts, Drywall and Framing, Lath, and Stucco, Floor, Walls, and Ceiling Finishes, including painting and wallcoverings, and Pool. Contact Info: or (504) 620-4349
Insurance Requirements: Please be sure that you meet all of Woodward’s insurance requirements: (1) Worker’s Compensation coverage – $1,000,000; (2) Commercial General Liability – $2,000,000 on products and general aggregate, $1,000,000 on each occurrence; (3) $1,000,000 excess coverage over primary. (4) Comprehensive automotive liability – $1,000,000 combined single limit on any auto, hire and non-owned. Woodward Design+Build, LLC and Owner are to be listed as additional insured on General Liability and Auto and provided with a waiver of subrogation on General Liability, Auto and Workers Compensation. ** You are also required to meet all requirements as stated in the project specifications.

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