Woodward Grand Opening!

18 November 2011

Woodward Grand Opening!

On November 16, 2011, Woodward Design+Build was excited to host the Grand Opening and Ribbon Cutting for their new corporate headquarters. In attendance were Mayor Mitch Landrieu, Aimee Quirk of the Mayor’s Office, Councilmembers Stacy Head and Susan Guidry, Sheriff Marlin Gusman, Chris Papamichael of Domain Cos. and Tom Leonhard of HRI Properties. Woodward was honored to have so many prominent city officials along with some of our clients that have made a concerted effort to bring new development and projects to revitalize Central City.

We’d like to thank Fox 8 for the wonderful welcome to the neighborhood and the excellent stories they’ve done so far! Special thanks to Nancy Parker for her great reporting and spending time to learn all about the building!

We’d also like to thank WDSU for the excellent interview and story following our Grand Opening.

To learn more about our new headquarters, visit our website.

WVUE Fox 8

N.O.‘s biggest solar-powered building opens its doors

WVUE Fox 8

17 November 2011

New Orleans — A building with the largest solar power capability in New Orleans opened its doors Wednesday.

Woodward Design and Build is boasting its green features and adding a little sparkle to South Jefferson Davis Parkway.

“This is a 45-thousand square foot building. We really felt like we were setting an example for our clients,” said Ken Flower, a senior management official at Woodward.

The construction company has built an energy-efficient building. A rooftop garden lounge will absorb the sunlight and provides a layer of insulation between the sun and the occupied areas below.

“One of the things about this building, it’s using a lot of natural light,” Flower said. “We’ve oriented the building so most of the natural light is coming in on the north side.

That’s why the building faces South Jefferson Davis Parkway at an angle. “We did solar studies to see how the sun was going to interact with the building,” he said.

A 60-kilowatt solar system powers 20 percent of the building. There are 100 solar panels on the roof.

“In the first month it’s producing 18 percent more energy than anticipated,” Flower said.

Architect Erik Wismar points out the open spaces underneath the building and windows that are beautiful, and missile-impact resistant.

“They do test where they shoot two-by-fours out of a cannon and it bounces off of the glass,” Wismar said.

If a Woodward employee has an electric car, he’ll be rewarded for his fuel efficiency with a parking space right up front. Eventually the marked spaces will be equipped with charging stations.

The company says they hope to house a coffee shop and sandwich shop in the building.


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