The Will W. Alexander Library at Dillard University

18 March 2008

The dedication of the The Will W. Alexander Library at Dillard University takes place on March 18. 2008. Woodward Design+Build was proud to partner with Dillard University in not only the restoration of their campus following Hurricane Katrina, but working together to greatly improve the university’s facilities for students, teachers, staff, and the surrounding community. A story on the reopening of the library appeared on the front page of the March 17th edition of The Times-Picayune.

The Times-Picayune

Dillard library makeover revitalizes school, students

The Times-Picayune

17 March 2008

For the first time since floodwaters swamped Dillard University’s campus in August 2005, Kibwe Peters has been able to do something most college students take for granted: use the library.

Since its reopening March 3, Peters, a senior majoring in computer science, has been a regular visitor to the Will W. Alexander Library, which has received a $3.4 million makeover that included such improvements as 70 computer work stations, wireless Internet access, an electronic card catalog and a first floor reconfigured to let in more natural light through big windows.

“This is way nicer than the old one,” Peters said as he settled in at a terminal on the refashioned first floor. “The old library was dark and dreary. It wasn’t very inviting.”

A rededication of the building, named for Dillard’s first president, will be held Tuesday at 12:30 p.m. The date was chosen because university officials estimated that the last of the library’s 106,000 books will be stacked by then, said Tommy Holton, the dean of the library.

Since March 4, books have been arriving at the rate of one truckload a day, he said. During a visit last week, the traffic was brisk as workers from National Library Relocations Inc. brought cardboard boxes filled with books into the two-story, 31,000-square-foot building.

The occasional noise didn’t bother Britanni Glinsey, who had curled up in a low-slung baby-blue chair on the first floor, where she was catching up on her reading.

“It’s beautiful, more advanced,” she said. “I feel it was worth the wait. We’ve been waiting a long, long time.”

Besides Holton, the official on campus who seemed most determined to revitalize the library was Provost Emily Moore, who is Dillard’s chief academic officer.

Even though she didn’t come to Dillard until January 2007, about 17 months after the storm, she was passionate about regaining use of the building….

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