Woodward Design+Build is committed to the long-term success of its buildings and to the lasting relationships we form with our clients. That’s why commissioning is an important part of our work.

Through our commissioning services, we help ensure that buildings perform as intended. These services can result in significant savings in operation and energy costs for clients, improve efficiency and comfort for a building’s end users, and help identify and address any potential issues before they develop.

What is Commissioning?

The commissioning process is a key part of the transition from construction to full use by the owner. It ensures buildings can be operated and maintained as intended by the designers and the users.

We offer design phase commissioning for large projects and construction phase commissioning for every project we undertake. Depending on the project’s scope and complexity, major commissioning steps include:

  • Factory testing
  • Field verification
  • Installation inspection
  • System pre-functional testing
  • Global systems testing
  • Training

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