Design Group

Weatherford Manufacturing Complex

The most important design premise was to create an industrial complex which functions first and foremost for the intended use but also presents a welcoming appearance for the Weatherford Corporation.

The Weatherford Manufacturing Facility is a 30 acre development with five new pre-engineered Butler steel buildings. The largest building in the project is the 210,653 square foot manufacturing plant that includes a fully air-conditioned open plant area with five 5 ton and six 2 ton overhead cranes, office space , and warehouse space. The second building, totaling 26,250 square feet, will be devoted entirely to office and support space. A separate and public accessible building was also included for the purpose of day care for employee families.

The Design Group designed the campus to allow employees access from the plant to the office without having to go through multiple security gates. Once inside the building, those with the security clearance are able to traverse the entire campus without having to go through additional security processes.

Trucking operations had to be designed so that there would be no crossing of operations and all aspects of the campus would be accessible for moving of raw and finished product. To make this possible, a one way in and one way out road was designed to make the management of traffic possible. Employee parking as well as public parking was also a major factor. Employee parking was designed so that all employees are able to park in a secure parking area.

Project Info

  • Owner
    Weatherford International
  • Architect
    Woodward Design Group (Larry H. Case, AIA) with HMS Architects
  • Size
    287,800 square feet
  • Budget
  • Location
    Houma, LA
  • Completion
    December 2008

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