Millwork Group

Loyola University - Marquette Hall

Historic Restoration is one of the specialties of Woodward Millwork Group. Loyola University’s Marquette Hall features visually stunning architecture and is the symbol of the university as seen from historic St. Charles Ave. When the ornate entryway needed a complete refurbishment, Loyola turned to Woodward Millwork Group . Scope included removing all existing doors and the door frame. A temporary wall was installed with a functioning doorway to allow for continued access. New work included duplicating the existing door frame, radius transom, and all moldings associated with the doorway. Great care was taken in matching all existing ornate details to exacting historical accuracy. The door hardware was also refurbished to complete the project.

Project Info

  • Owner
    Loyola University
  • Budget
  • Location
    New Orleans, LA

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